Modern Workplace

Empower employees & Better serve your customers.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business, the concept of the workplace has undergone a profound transformation. The once static and traditional office environment has given way to a dynamic and borderless realm where work knows no boundaries. At H One Pvt Ltd, we understand this shift, and we're here to empower your employees and enhance customer service through our cutting-edge Modern Workplace solutions.

Embracing the Future of Work

Gone are the days when work was confined to cubicles and rigid schedules. Today, your employees seek the freedom to work securely from any location, using any device. This newfound flexibility is not just a trend; it's a paradigm shift that promises enriched and fulfilled work experiences. At H One, we recognize that when productivity tools are optimized, the quality and efficiency of work soar, leading to happier, more valuable, and committed employees. Our Modern Workplace solutions offer the perfect synergy between employee empowerment and safeguarding critical data and IT assets.

Introducing Microsoft Modern Workplace

Enter Microsoft Modern Workplace – an expansive suite of Microsoft 365 products designed to supercharge your company's productivity. Through these solutions, we facilitate improved employee satisfaction, seamless communication, and enhanced collaboration across platforms and locations. Our commitment to maintaining the security and integrity of your systems and data is unwavering.

Empowerment through Technology

Explore our array of Microsoft 365 products and witness the transformation:

  1. Microsoft 365 and Office 365: Unleash the full potential of modern work with these powerful tools.
  2. Microsoft Business Voice: Elevate communication within your organization to unprecedented levels.
  3. Microsoft Teams: Experience true teamwork through this integrated collaboration hub.
  4. OneDrive: Your gateway to secure file storage and sharing.
  5. Exchange: Simplify email management and enhance communication.
  6. Collaboration and SharePoint: Foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  7. Microsoft Forms: Gather insights and make informed decisions effortlessly.
  8. Microsoft Planner and Project: Efficiently manage projects and tasks.
  9. Microsoft Viva and MyAnalytics: Empower employees with personalized insights and resources.
  10. Microsoft Apps for Business/Enterprise: Tailored solutions for all your business needs.
  11. Office for Web and Mobile: Work seamlessly across devices and platforms.
  12. Workplace Analytics and Yammer: Harness data-driven insights and promote social collaboration.
  13. Office 365 Adoption and Change Management: Seamlessly transition to the new way of work.
  14. Calling for Microsoft Teams: Elevate your communication game with advanced calling solutions.
  15. Content Migration to Office 365: Smoothly transfer your valuable data to the cloud.
  16. Identity and Access Management: Safeguard your organization with robust security measures.

Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA)

Adopting the real modern workplace
Our attention is the most precious commodity we humans have. Technology itself can help us focus or be the cause of distraction.

 Microsoft aims for organizations to use their technology to harness attention. Thus, they have designed the MOCA to address two key challenges.

To help organizations drive digital culture change across the organization enabled by good attention management practices.
To address the “What am I accomplishing?”, an evolution from the “which tool when?” question for the Microsoft 365 collaboration suite, demonstrating how all the different tools integrate to enable people to work differently across the organization.
The MOCA equips organizations, teams, and people to position the Microsoft 365 services and enable improved collaboration, supported by a balance between work and life. The MOCA Standard is appropriate for most organizations with the individual, team, community, and organizational focus. MOCA Extended provides a more comprehensive view of how business operations and differentiation can drive effectiveness by enabling people to be their best version.

Collaboration Pyramid

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