Cyber Security

In an era of increasingly audacious and frequent cyberattacks, standard security measures are no longer sufficient. To preserve the trust, you have cultivated with your customers, employees, and partners, a comprehensive security approach is imperative.

Leverage Our Expertise

H One Security services offer a holistic solution rooted in Zero Trust principles, encompassing advisory, implementation, and managed services. Our offerings include:

H One Advisory

Evaluate and define your cybersecurity strategy, continuously improve your governance, risk, and compliance framework.

Cloud Security Services

Harness the advanced security capabilities of Azure Cloud and benefit from Azure Sentinel monitoring.

Secure Hybrid Remote Working

Enable your Zero Trust journey, ensuring secure and scalable remote collaboration.

Digital Identity Services

Covering the complete lifecycle of Identity and Access Management (IAM) to securely manage identities.

Managed Security Services

Swiftly prevent, detect, and remediate security threats with our comprehensive support.

Our Solutions

Application Security

Deliver innovative applications rapidly while unlocking the secure potential of the Microsoft Cloud.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Gain deep insights into your current cybersecurity state and receive a future-focused roadmap.

Digital Identity

Ensure precise access rights for the right users at the right time.

Secure Cloud

Attain cyber-resilience within the Microsoft Cloud environment.

Secure Modern Workplace

Empower employees with a collaborative and innovative work environment, fortified with security measures.

Managed Security Services

Transition from reactive to adaptive security to proactively counter cyber threats.

Our Cloud Security Offerings

Zero Trust | Governance | Compliance | Assessments | Identity | Workshops

Data Encryption

Data encryption is vital in cybersecurity, protecting against evolving cybercriminal tactics.
Encrypted data remains unreadable without the decryption key.
Integrity is maintained by promptly detecting any modifications.
Authorized users or devices can exclusively access encrypted data.
Encryption helps organizations meet regulatory requirements, avoiding penalties and legal issues.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms analyze extensive data, identifying patterns and anomalies, an invaluable asset in combating cybercrime.

Adaptive Threat Protection

Real-time threat detection and response, coupled with AI-powered algorithms, make Adaptive Threat Protection a highly effective measure against cybercrime risks.

Automatic Security Checks

Swift and consistent threat detection and response while ensuring compliance and keeping up with evolving security needs.

Unified Visibility and Control

Comprehensive insights into the organization's security posture, enabling rapid response to threats and regulatory compliance.

Intelligent Threat Detection Response

Real-time detection and response to threats, empowered by machine learning and AI algorithms, significantly mitigate cybercrime risks.

Centralized and Real-time Monitoring

A centralized, real-time view of security posture, facilitating prompt identification of threats and alignment with evolving security needs and compliance requirements.

Proactive Monitoring and Security Alerts

Continuous monitoring of networks, systems, and applications to detect and respond to cyber threats before they cause substantial harm.

Actionable Recommendations and Controls

Implementation of security measures that minimize the likelihood of successful cyberattacks, real-time incident detection and response, and effective mitigation of security breaches.

At H One, we prioritize your security by offering comprehensive solutions and advanced technologies to fortify your defenses. Rest assured that your stakeholders' trust will remain intact in the face of evolving cyber threats.
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