Data Analytics and AI

Making data-driven decisions easily

Businesses can maximize the value of the data they control by using the help of our experience in implementing BI Data and AI solutions. You can quickly realize that value by checking our pre-built data models, BI framework, and expertise.  

We are a specialist Data and AI consultant, training providers and BI report developers. Because of our extensive technology experience and sharp business judgment, we have a thorough understanding of how Data Analytics will enhance your company's operations.

Using your data in the organization, business intelligence (BI) and data analytics seek to improve your understanding of your company's operations. It provides information that your team and you would not have thought of when utilizing conventional reporting techniques. 

H One is aware of the potential and problems in data today and updated with the newest technologies. Our teams and solutions are specially designed to deliver the appropriate business and technology knowledge to each project, significantly increasing adoption throughout your organization.

We cover the BI and data analytics solutions for all the types of industries.

  • Sales
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Inventory
  • Production/Manufacturing

Data & AI Services We Offer

BI solution development

Analytics Azure products (Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics)

Azure Data Brick



Embrace BI capabilities with H One

With an extensive and optimized internal BI solution or BI as a service, you can:

Take all uncertainty out of your business procedures.

Boost customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Find trends and new business prospects.

Start your BI journey

At H One, we will support you on BI journey by providing trainings (Hybrid method) and consultancy. Training and development done in two levels which you can choose according to the requirement.

Full Project Delivery: We offer end-to-end services and support to help you achieve your data analytics objectives. This includes business case development, use-case selection, data foundation and dashboards, solution deployment, and team training.
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