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Thank you for watching the Q4FY19 All Hands

Team, thank you for watching the Q4FY19 All Hands from the Microsoft Technology Center in Singapore. We had a packed agenda with customer references, partner demos, a cameo by Sanjay Patel and who could forget, Mark the robot!

Congratulations to our Champion and Accelerate winners for Q4FY19. Read more about these rock stars on our Microsoft Asia Pacific Yammer group to learn how they seized opportunities with their technical skills, tenacity and grit. Well done team!

Vanessa Sorenson shared a transformational Azure win with Kotahi Logistics in New Zealand and I shared some of our key wins across the markets including the Philippine Airlines Kaizala win.

Our partners Ramco Systems and Certis shared demos using Hololens and a robot concierge service. Big thanks to Choeun Chon moderating the partner panels.

The recording of the Q4FY19 All Hands is available on the Microsoft Asia Pacific Stream channel. Share your feedback in the comments section or on Kaizala.

We also shared the incredible opportunity available to us in helping our customers win with artificial intelligence, from a comprehensive study we did with IDC. Here are some of the high level takeaways:

  • 82% of business leaders in APAC agree that AI is instrumental in staying competitive.
  • We need to use this proof point in every discussion we have with customers.

  • YET 54% are yet to embark on their AI journeys
  • We have a massive opportunity to help businesses get a competitive advantage.

  • AND business leaders agree that AI will double the rate of innovation and employee productivity
  • in Asia Pacific in the next three years. The market is ready, the customers are ready, the business decision makers are more than ready. Let’s go team!

As we wrap up the FY, I urge you to use the resources we have, including case studies, industry relevant solutions and learning resources to elevate our conversations with customers and partners. On that note, I’m pleased to see that 665 have already completed the Technical Skills training, before the 31 May deadline.

Let me close by sharing my heartfelt appreciation for your generous offers to help and make donations to support people affected be recent tragedies in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines

New Zealand To donate, please use this link.
Philippines To donate, please reach out to Steven Torralba.
Sri Lanka Please use this link to donate via our non-profit partner Sarvodaya, or reach out to Janakie Karunaratne.


Our Customers

Korea: Asiana Airlines has the first Korean-language chatbot in the country. A competitive advantage in a hyper competitive market, Microsoft Services provided the expertise Asiana needed to customize and optimize the chatbot, which resulted in a 90% accuracy in handling customer interactions and has helped Asiana Airlines’ grow its brand value in Korea.

Our Partners

Sri Lanka: Lena Manufacturing Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Akbar Group of Companies, is the first Respiratory Care Research and Manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka. Moving to SAP on Azure Cloud has improved their ability to scale resources and meet business needs quicker, and reduced operational costs significantly by only paying for services that are used (pay-as-you-go)

Our Future

APAC: To mark Girls in ICT day, some of our APAC team interviewed their children on their aspirations, perspectives on skills and the difference between girls and boys. The video is incredibly heartwarming, and at the same time, humbling. Our future generations are automatically inclusive and as leaders, we need to un-learn to learn.

Our Impact

#MakeWhatsNext and DigiGirlz 2019 Thailand had 145 students from 20 schools, as well as the Secretary General of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission, Mrs. Vunnaporn Devahastin na Ayutthaya as the guest of honor. Business and government leaders understand the crucial need to have more girls and women in STEM. Girls in STEM education results in economic growth, inclusive innovations, community transformation.

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