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Sri Lanka’s most trusted digital solutions and strategies provider, H One (Pvt) Ltd., has announced the successful completion of an informative workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh titled ‘Moving Towards a Smarter Factory with Res.Q.’ The workshop was jointly organized with the firm’s partner in Bangladesh Tech One Global, and brought together apparel sector professionals keen on learning of and implementing digital solutions for their factories.

Bangladesh is considered to be the world’s largest Ready made Garment (RMG) exporter. 81% of the country’s exports come from the RMG sector, and the textile and apparel sector contribute around 20% to Bangladesh’s GDP.

Tech One pioneers the digital transformations landscape in Bangladesh with over a decade of experience in providing innovative solutions to both small to midsize business and enterprise clients across the country. For the apparel industry in particular, Tech One has provided data-centric opportunities to leverage businesses through the insights given by a rich backend analytics and a secure cloud backup.

While the overarching objective of the workshop was to lead the discussion on moving towards a smarter factory -with a focus on apparel quality, production, and work study-, this was also an opportunity to introduce and familiarize industry representatives of this powerful garment manufacturing country with H One’s revolutionary inventory management solution, Res.Q.

An essential management program, Res.Q provides digital solutions to problems relevant to each country’s industry. The apparel sector in Bangladesh for instance, has most recently had to effectively manage a government-issued wage increase of 51% for all garment workers and factory owners. As a result, the country’s garment sector value has increased significantly, and what was once a once a cost-effective destination is no longer a cheap place for manufacturing apparel. Apparel companies are now questioning their survival in this new landscape.

Key issues such as these were addressed at the workshop and the case for Res.Q as the answer to every apparel industry dilemma was further reinstated, as a solution that caters to unique pain points in the market that are not addressed through traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

“At Res.Q , we are intimately aware of the many challenges faced by the garment sector, especially of the various concerns of the industry here in Bangladesh,” said Thushitha Kularatne, Head of Business Solutions at H One, addressing the workshop participants. “Our Res.Q solutions have proven their mettle in these very conditions, combatting huge losses by providing precise information which allows for well-informed decision making.”

Res.Q has currently developed four modules under the Res.Q umbrella of products; Res.Q|QMS (Quality Management System), Res.Q|MI (Machine inventory) , Res.Q|SM ( Skill Matrix) an employee skill management tool developed to address the unique pinpoints of the IE and HR teams, and Res.Q Smart Line, a production line planning tool.

RES.Q|QMS is a cloud-based quality management solution which uses a digital, interface-driven process, providing users with 360° visibility into production quality across factory floors. With access to real-time analytics, companies get to reduce wastage, resolve quality issues faster and eliminate reporting time lags.

Res.Q | MI Machine Inventory is a revolutionary new asset management solution which leverages the capabilities of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for the management, protection, maintenance, and full visibility and inventory of factory machinery.

With the full gamut of Res.Q service offerings, a company can seamlessly attend to each aspect of its business, and in turn watch its revenue grow.

With the partnership between Techone and H one, Res.Q aims to promote its solutions to the Bangladeshi market addressing some of the most pressing concerns seen in the industry today. Launched in 2018 may in Bangladesh Res.Q currently works with over 8 factories across the country, catering to various pinpoints of each factory. Leveraging the apparel heritage of the Hirdaramani group which is the parent company of H One, Res.Q has proven to be one of the most successful apparel solutions launched in Sri Lanka. In Bangladesh Res.Q aims to promote awareness and help customers move towards digitized shop floor through a simplified process, revolutionizing the shop floor management processes of the industry.

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