Intranet Portal – Interaction Simplified

Collaboration and team work becomes better with clear and timely communication. Intranet portal as a service helps you to do just that. Now in a matter of days you can set up your own customized portal with themes and features of your choice.

Be ahead of the game, provide regular updates, fresh features and publish exciting releases to your staff so that they can remain relevant, updated and interact beyond physical boundaries.

How it works

The customers can pick a pre-designed template and add selected features of choice. The templates are designed in a user-centric manner, aiding the organization, team or group of people work together much more effectively.

The features

We know that one size does not fit all in business. That’s exactly why your intranet portal can be customized with features that suit your needs.

    • Dynamic components
    • Quick launch
    • Department wise subsite
    • Shortcuts
  • News and events
    • Announcements
    • Spot light
    • Document hub
    • Image slider
  • Yammer integration

With the above features you can now organize your key activities through the portal, design pages as preferred, keep employees updated on upcoming events, share memories, appreciate your key contributors, share documents and so much more.

Whist you can always select from our pre-designed templates and features, we understand that every organization is different. Our team is eager to help you with any customization further needed to make it a perfect fit for your organization.

Contact us if you need more clarifications of the above solution. We are glad to help.

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