H One Private Limited today announced it has won the 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. 

"We are immensely proud to receive the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for 2023" expressed Venura Mendis, Director/Chief Executive of H One Private Limited." This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our talented team. We are committed to leveraging Microsoft technologies to drive meaningful digital transformation for our customers, both locally and internationally." 

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards acknowledge outstanding successes and innovations by partners across the global ecosystem during the past year – recognizing achievement in categories, spanning solution areas, industries and across cloud to edge technologies.  With more than 4,200 submitted nominations representing over 100 countries, the successes enable digital transformation, showcase, entrepreneurial spirit and deliver impactful solutions to customers. H One Private Limited was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in Sri Lanka. 

“Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards!” said Nicole Dezen, Chief Partner Officer, and Corporate Vice President of Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft. “The innovative new solutions and services that positively impact customers and enable digital transformation from this year's winners demonstrate the best of what’s possible with the Microsoft Cloud.”

As a trusted technology partner, H One, a fully owned subsidiary of Dialog Axiata Group, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to digital transformation and has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the industry. This award further strengthens H One's standing and affirms their expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses and governments. 

The award holds special significance for H One as the company expands its regional footprint beyond Sri Lanka. With a strong focus on fostering digitalization across businesses and governments, H One is venturing into new territories, including Maldives, Bangladesh, and various East Asian regions. By leveraging their unmatched proficiency in Microsoft technologies, H One aims to empower organizations in these countries to achieve their digital transformation goals. 

H One's success is attributed to their deep understanding of Microsoft platforms, their ability to create tailor-made solutions, and their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and support. By expanding their reach into new regions, H One aims to extend their expertise to a wider audience, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of Microsoft technologies on their digital journeys. 

As H One continues to forge strategic partnerships and broaden its global presence, this award further cements their position as a reliable and trusted technology partner in the global marketplace. Their specialization in Modern Work, Data & AI, Infrastructure, Digital & App Innovation, and Security underscores their ability to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of organizations across industries. 

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards are announced annually prior to the company’s global partner conference, Microsoft Inspire, took place on July 18-19 this year. https://blogs.partner.microsoft.com/mpn/congratulations-to-the-2022-microsoft-partner-of-the-year-awards-winners-and-finalists/https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/inspire/awards. Additional details on the 2023 awards are available on the Microsoft Partner blog: https://aka.ms/POTYA2023_announcement. The complete list of categories, winners and finalists can be found at https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/inspire/awards/winners.

About H One Private Limited: 

H One Private Limited is a leading Microsoft reseller in Sri Lanka, specializing in providing innovative solutions and services across Microsoft platforms. With a deep understanding of technology and a commitment to digital transformation, H One empowers businesses and governments to unlock their full potential, driving growth, and success. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, H One continues to redefine the technology landscape, leveraging Microsoft technologies to deliver transformative outcomes. 

H One, the leading Microsoft reseller in Sri Lanka, has embarked on its expansion into the Maldives market with a successful event in collaboration with Microsoft. The event, which was held at JEN Maldives Malé by Shangri-La, was aimed at SMEs and featured insightful discussions on MWP Security, Azure Security, Data, and AI, a collaboration of three partners.

Following its recent partnership with Dhiraagu, H One wasted no time in paving the way for digital transformation in the Maldives region. The focus of this event was on the value creation of the Microsoft Security portfolio, which was highlighted by H One's Senior Cloud Solutions Architect. The architect explained how SMEs can get a 360-degree view of the threat landscape with Microsoft Security.

In the modern world, where cyber security threats are continuously evolving, companies need to take a more proactive stance with tools and intelligence that offer even more ways to manage threats and get ahead of them. With Microsoft Security, companies can have a 360° view of the threat landscape, exposure, what’s changing day to day, where the gaps are, and where they may soon exist. With the technology to go on the offensive, businesses can be proactive and do something about threats before they become a problem.

"We are thrilled to have collaborated with partners in organizing this event in the Maldives. Our mission has always been to provide innovative solutions to our clients, and we believe that this event has helped us achieve that by showcasing our expertise in Microsoft solutions and consultancy services," said Venura Mendis, Chief Executive Officer of H One.

H One's expansion into the Maldives market is expected to pave the way for digital transformation in the region for SMEs. The successful event has demonstrated H One's commitment to providing innovative solutions to its clients and further establishing its reputation as a leading provider of Microsoft solutions and consultancy services.

By collaborating with Microsoft and other partners, H One has shown its dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and security solutions, helping SMEs to navigate the rapidly evolving threat landscape and drive digital transformation.

For more information on H One's consultancy services and Microsoft's latest technology solutions, please visit https://www.h-oneonline.com/

H One Private Limited, a leading Microsoft Solutions Provider in Sri Lanka, successfully hosted the Data & AI Forum, a groundbreaking event that brought together industry leaders from diverse sectors to explore the limitless potential of data analytics & advanced AI technologies. Organized in collaboration with Microsoft Sri Lanka, the event aimed to drive Sri Lankan enterprises towards a data-driven future and foster collaboration in leveraging data for business growth. The event was graced by the top IT professionals from the leading corporates in the country. 

Welcoming the gathering Venura Mendis, Director/Chief Executive of H One Private Limited, said, " Data & AI is driving a fundamental change in how we all do our jobs, and it will impact everyone from a software developer to a lawyer. At the Data & AI Forum, we emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making and how it can fuel business growth. H One, in collaboration with Microsoft, is dedicated to empowering companies on their analytics and AI journey. Together, we provide the tools, technologies, and expertise to unlock the true potential of data and AI, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, drive automation and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.” 

Eranda Adikari, Head of Data Insights at Dialog Enterprise, also addressed the gathering of top IT professionals from leading corporates. He shared valuable insights and experiences from Dialog's successful analytics journey, showcasing their commitment to empowering industry peers and driving data-driven transformation. Adikari emphasized, "Building an intelligent enterprise with data is the key to unlocking new growth opportunities. At the Data & AI Forum, we shared insights and strategies for leveraging data to revolutionize businesses. Together, we can harness the power of data-driven strategies to drive innovation and success."

Dr. Romesh Ranawana, Group Chief Data & AI Officer, Dialog Axiata PLC, demonstrated the prowess of ChatGPT, an AI-driven model, showcasing its mastery in driving organizational growth. Dr. Ranawana stated, “Intelligent applications powered by ChatGPT have the potential to transform user experiences. However, when it comes to developing and deploying chatbots in a production environment, utilizing Azure API offers additional benefits. With Azure API, you gain advantages such as customization, security, scalability, integration, and support. This provides a more tailored and reliable solution for maximizing the potential of intelligent applications. At the Data & AI Forum, the audience was able to explore these possibilities firsthand." 

The collaborative effort by H One Private Limited and Microsoft brought together industry leaders, providing a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation. Attendees explored the transformative power of advanced AI technologies and the benefits they can bring to Sri Lankan enterprises. 

The event also highlighted how H One Private Limited is leveraging the valuable lessons learned internally within Dialog Enterprise to impact the wider enterprise ecosystem. This strategic approach aims to empower Sri Lankan enterprises with data-driven solutions, enabling them to make informed decisions, foster innovation, and gain a competitive edge.

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